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    Poison is a glam metal band from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, that was formed in 1983. The band was a commercial success from the mid-1980s through the mid-1990s, selling 16 million albums in America and more than 51 million albums worldwide. The band is best known for the number one hit song "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" on the Hot 100 and numerous top 40 hits in the 1980s and 1990s. "Look What the Cat Dragged In," the band's breakout first album, was published in 1986. Poison has performed almost 500 concerts and performances to date. You can acquire cheap Poison tickets from our website right now if you want to watch them play live.


    The band Poison achieved tremendous success throughout the 1990s, which was propelled by party anthems and power ballads. Only Bon Jovi and Def Leppard sold more records than they did. The group's extensive list of pop-metal songs was quickly eclipsed by their stage spectacle, which remained a big draw long beyond the decade's end (accompanying with it the commercial demise of pop-metal). In between tours, vocalist Bret Michaels remade himself as a reality television star in 2007, and his appearances on a number of television series, including Rock of Love and numerous more shows of a similar kind, helped the band sustain their success in concert.


    In 1983, Bret, Matt, Bobby, and Rikki, the band's drummer and bassist, founded Poison under the name Paris. In 1979, Michaels and boyhood buddy Rikki formed a band named the Spectres, which was a garage band called Laser. When Michaels and Rikki joined up with Matt and Bobby to establish the band Paris in 1980, they began performing largely rock cover songs in local pubs. On March 6, 1983, the band decided to relocate to LA and change their name from Paris to Poison to better their chances of success.


    They cultivated a glam rock and roll persona by dressing like androgynous hunks. They've been reinventing themselves for a long time, and their grasp on their fan base is nothing to laugh at. They arrive fully prepared for the concerts, dressed up in androgynous apparel and putting on a display. The events are usually jam-packed, so obtaining cheap Poison tickets may be as hard as locating a needle in a haystack. We can assist you in such a scenario by selling cheap Poison tickets on our website.


    Poison has finalized its concert tour, and the tour dates, which will begin in 2022, have been announced. The tour starts in June in the city of Atlanta. Go to our website to learn more about Poison's upcoming shows and purchase cheap Poison tickets. Poison is currently on tour in the United States. Miami, Orlando, and Flushing are among the cities they will stop. Keep an eye out for opportunities like this if you want to experience glam rock in its astounding glory. Please check our website for cheap Poison tickets.



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    Poison's tickets range in price from $60 to $120. The price varies depending on the day, the location, and the city. On the other hand, some concerts might cost up to $200.




    Poison will be on the road super soon! Visit our website to get the cheapest tickets available for their upcoming events. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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